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July 2021

This summer has been a very busy one. We have responded to over 30 calls in the last 12 days, ranging from activated alarms to gas leaks to wires down to transformer fires to multiple house fires. We remain committed to providing you with 24/7/365 protection. Please remember we are all volunteers, choosing to take time away from our families to help our neighbors and friends. With hitting the "mid-summer" point on the calendar we continue to enjoy the heat and relaxed lifestyle. Neighbors also go on vacation, so please make sure you provide contact information to someone close by in case we have to visit your house for some reason. Also, now is a great time to check the date of your smoke detector. It's time to think of replacing it once it turns 7-8 years old. Any smoke detector after 10 years needs to be replaced. If there is no date at the bottom of your detector, it's older than 10 years and should be replaced.

We can always use new members. Stop by our firehouse on Jackson Ave and say hello.


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