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Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Are you paid or volunteer?

A) We are a 100% volunteer organization and have been for over 100 years!

Q) How often do you get an emergency call?

A) We average about 325 calls per year.

Q) Do you respond to medical emergencies?

A) No, we do not respond to any medical calls. For those, we have Pequannock First Aid & Rescue Squad as well as Atlantic Health EMS.

Q) Do you sleep at the station?

A) We do not sleep at the firehouse and we do not run shifts. Instead, all of our members are alerted by a pager system and respond in their personal vehicles directly to the firehouse when there is a call.

Q) Should I call the station when I have an emergency?

A) No. As we do not staff the firehouse, we cannot guarantee that there will be anybody there to answer the phone. We always ask that you dial 9-1-1 so that we can be properly dispatched to your emergency.

Q) Who do I call to schedule a fire inspection?

A) All fire inspections and related paperwork are done through the Pequannock Fire Safety Bureau. They can be reached at (973) 835-5700, ext. 194.

Q) How can I donate?

A) You can donate to us online by clicking here.


Q) What qualifications are required to become a volunteer firefighter?

A) No experience is necessary to join! We provide all of your training.

Q) Is the price of training/equipment included?

A) Yes, we provide you with all the necessary PPE and we send you to the County Fire Academy free of charge.

Q) What kinds of emergencies do you respond to?

A) We respond to all fire and rescue related incidents in town, such as: structure fires, car fires, car accidents, gas leaks, technical rescues, fire alarms, and CO alarms. We do not respond to any medical calls as we do not run EMS.

Q) How often would I be expected to volunteer?

A) While we encourage members to attend all fire calls, weekly trainings, and monthly meetings, your required response percentage becomes much more flexible once you complete all of your necessary training. 

Q) How do I join?

A) You can reach out to or use the form under our website’s “Contact” tab to begin your application process!

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