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PTFD Valor Award Nomination Form

Received! Thank you for your nomination.

PTFD Valor Awards

Medal of Valor

Awarded to a member of the department who, in the performance of duty while on a call, under hazardous conditions, in which the member is confronted with imminent personal risk, performs an act of conspicuous heroism which furthers the highest traditions of the fire service. 


Life Saving Award

Awarded to a member of the department who is principally involved in saving the life of another person and whose personal actions were directly responsible for the lifesaving act.


Firefighter’s Combat Cross

Awarded to a member of the department for a highly unusual act of distinction and bravery under adverse conditions in the performance of duty.


Meritorious Service

Awarded to a member of the department for a credible act in the line of duty which is commendable in nature, and displays admirable initiative and accomplishment.


Unit Citation

Awarded to a unit for a team effort at an emergency incident, who in support of departmental operations, distinguished themselves to effectuate the protection of life and property.


Honorable Service

Awarded for notable accomplishments in service to the department and the community.

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