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Plane Overshoots Runway

A flight instructor and a student pilot escaped with only minor injuries after their Cessna 172S crashed while attempting to land at the Lincoln Park Airport. According to authorities, the student overshot the runway while attempting to land, and tried to regain altitude but ran out of runway and crashed into a safety cable and guardrail bordering Jacksonville Road. The impact flipped the plane over forward, but the tail became entangled in the cable and actually broke the plane in two. The plane came to rest in the middle of Jacksonville Road. The two occupants exited the craft under their own power with some assistance from a passerby.

Fire companies from both Lincoln Park and Pequannock responded to the scene. Jacksonville Road borders the two communities. There was no fire but crews had to contain a fuel spill and stood ready with a hose line as a precaution. Morris County Hazmat was called to the scene and the incident is under investigation by several agencies.

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